20 thoughts on “For the ladies

  1. I thought it would be nice to post something for the ladies, but the guys could see it too if they wanted too…I didn’t think it was too bad!

  2. I know that at least one female looks at my blog, besides Melissa…

    …I hope that she was looking on this day…or it was a waste of a post…

  3. haha!

    Why couldn’t you?

    Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask you, what ever happened to your little fan club that used to come down to your room in Hamilton, the ones that you went up to visit them every now and then?

  4. Oh, those two girls? I still talk to one of them, but the other I had a falling out with…so we just haven’t talked in a while.

  5. ohh, that sucks. Which one, the one with glasses or the other one…or did they both have glasses? Whoever was the one that came into my room the day that you saw that your roommate had alcohol in his pirates chest thingy.

  6. Yeah, the one with the glasses was the one I had the falling out with…we were friends, got kinda close, then she got back with her creep boyfriend that was cheating on her (but that’s not why they broke up – that came out afterwards, through a friend that had a friend that was going to school with him. he never admitted anything). Her name is Kim.

    I talk to the other one (Steph) nearly all the time, probably every few days to a week or so…she’s pretty cool.

  7. that’s too bad, you too were pretty good friends. Oh well, if you were meant to be friends you would be friends…oh well…

  8. It’s true…though I visited FDU a few months ago and they’re both roommates again…I refused to enter their room, but Kim welcomed me in…I guess I’m more okay with it now.

    She still has an asshole boyfriend. Like, the pretty boy type with an obnoxious ego. Every time I met him, I wanted to smack him…haha.

  9. I’ve had friends with friends like that (did that make sense) its like they think that they are too good for everyone and it really iritates you? I know…I want to smack them too.

  10. ask melissa what she thinks of people from marlton or moorestown…as a general population (south jersey can be really nice, actually).

  11. some of them are probably snotty and rich but it depends on which area they are from. she doesn’t have any beef with any of them.

    this is actually one of the oldest comments never to be answered, it was sent to me on April 6th!

    I never answered it because I was at work when I got it and I just found it today!!!! crazy!

  12. Whoa! Whoa! I don’t even remember writing that.

    Yeah, the Morrestown/Marlton population is mostly snotty and rich…well, even my town (Riverton) is snotty. Damn New Jersey! I prefer New York, where people don’t give a shit enough to be snotty. 🙂

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