Peanut was bad last night!

I’m really mad at him, I dont’ know why, but last night we accidentally forgot to close the cage and he must have jumped out and was owning the apartment last night. I think he jumped back in his cage to eat and poop (hopefully! poop in his cage, we haven’t found any on the floor) but when I woke up and saw the cage open without the bunny inside I almost passed out. I woke Melissa up and I (like I always do when I can’t find him) looked under the entertainment center. We don’t let him under there when we are watching him so that would be the first place he would be and sure enough he was under there. He ran out and after fifteen minutes later I tricked him to get into the cage.

I’m upset with him, but not because he didn’t know any better. I don’t know why I’m upset with him…I mean, he is an animal, but to me he’s so much more and the fact that something may have happened to him would have been devestating. I mean, lord knows that he loves to eat the carpet, so his stomach is probably full of this carpet or whatever else he was eating or finding on the floor. I hope he’s ok now.

He’ll be in his cage for the rest of the day.


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  1. Poor little guy.

    I bet he just wanted to use the internet.

    Seriously though, that MySpace profile cracked me up…and you thanked him for the add. Then a whole bunch of people commented things like “that’s it, Marcos, you’re cracking up”. Oh man. 😀

  2. haha! yeah, well, he did add me first! whoo!

    I even made an e-maill address for him so that they allowed me to get a different myspace site.

  3. Well, he’s not answering your IM’s while you’re at work…so hopefully he’s not anywhere near the computer.

    Maybe he watches TV…I can see the little guy jumping on the remote every time he wants to change a channel. 🙂

  4. LOL! man you just put this funny image in my head and made me laugh out loud…people are looking at me funny…

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