Bond 22 being fast tracked?

Well, I just check Darkhorizons and Garth was really on a roll this past weekend, I didn’t even bother checking because I figured nothing would have been posted, but I forgot, he’s out of Australia and they don’t celebrate Memorial Day. I mean, not that it mattered, I didn’t do anything the last few days as you can see from the little calendar at the top of the page.

This is an interesting rumor, one about the producers of the James Bond franchise fast tracking the next installment (they are all called Bond and whatever number they are up to, until they get a name for the title, like the current one that I’ve posted a trailer too is called Casino Royale and was called Bond 21 when it was first being rumored). This one is interesting because they are saying that they are fast tracking this one so that they could use the year (2007) as a way to market this movie with James Bond’s number (007–Double 0-seven). Check it out:


“Bond 22” Gets Writer and Director?
Posted: Monday May 29th, 2006 12:05am
Source: Assorted Sources
Author: Garth Franklin

The British tabloids are famous for printing James Bond-related rumours so speculative it makes the assorted internet film gossip websites seem as reliable and profound as the best works of Edward R. Murrow.

Nevertheless today comes another of their rumours, however this one is entirely out of left field, is quite positive in tone, and for once is one of the few bits of tabloid bullsh*t that I hope comes true.

The Daily Mail reports that Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson are rushing ahead with the untitled 22nd James Bond film, the second of three films following events that kick off in “Casino Royale”, by hiring a new screenwriter and director.

Oscar-winning screenwriter Tom Stoppard (“Shakespeare in Love”, “Brazil”, “Empire of the Sun”, “Enigma”, “The Russia House”) is apparently “in talks” to pen the screenplay, replacing series vets Neal Purvis and Robert Wade who worked with “Crash” writer Paul Haggis on ‘Casino’.

The hiring is doubly interesting in that Stoppard is presently rewriting the next (and likely last) film in the similar but more contemporary espionage franchise – “The Bourne Ultimatum”.

The paper also claims that Eon Productions are “in negotiations” with South African-born director Roger Michell (“Notting Hill”, “Changing Lanes”, “Persuasion”, “The Mother”) to helm, Michell has worked with actor Daniel Craig twice before and was a strong supporter in the hiring of Craig as 007.

The question now is, aside from how reliable are these claims, is the potential release date – there’s talk of moving forward quickly enough to get the film out as early as late next year in order to cash in on Bond’s moniker being incorporated into the date (ie. 2007).

If Casino Royale proves to be worthy of the Bond franchise, then maybe they are doing the right thing with this one. But only time will tell. I’ll continue posting on this as I find more information.


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