11 thoughts on “Pic of the Day

  1. haha, you should buy one of those and put it on peanut chew’s cage.

    i left peanut chew a comment, did he get it? i hope he’ll be online while you’re gone, he knows your password. 🙂

  2. yeah, Mathew is looking really bad today. I’m really upset. I’m not usually home but he’s just not himself. I don’t like saying it, but I hope that when he goes, its quietly in his sleep, I don’t want to have to put him to sleep. That would just kill me. I love that cat. He really is like a little brother to me, and I don’t know if anyone can understand that, but I was three years old when we got him and now I’m 24 and it just hurts seeing him be a shell of a cat that he once was. Sorry, I’m just upset right now about him not doing well…

  3. Sorry, man…I know where you’re coming from.

    Let’s not think about this now. In fact, let’s talk about something else.


  4. great number but why 13? I might steal that for a story……wait for it…..ok, stolen, so, now, talking about my 13 horned unicorn…wait, so its not a unicorn anymore is it? this isn’t going to work…

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