Castlevania again being readied to be filmed!


Here is one video game that Nintendo made that should definately be made into a movie, along with The Legend of Zelda and Metroid. I hope that they do a good job with this one so that people want to make the other ones.


“Castlevania” Repainted In White
By Garth FranklinThursday June 14th 2007 12:28am
image Sylvain White (“Stomp the Yard”) has been set to direct the live-action adaptation of vampire video game “Castlevania” for Rogue Pictures, reports Variety.

Scripted by Paul W.S. Anderson (“Alien vs. Predator,” “Resident Evil”), the drama begins as a Transylvanian knight leads his men into a gothic castle to seek refuge from the Turkish army.

The knights soon discover the castle is controlled by the original vampire. The script sets up a generational clash between Vlad the Impaler and the Belmont family, a clan that unleashed the original vampire and battles to defeat him.

Anderson wrote the script with the intention to direct, but stepped aside to helm the remake “Death Race.” This will be White’s next project, taking precedence over “Static” and an adaptation of Frank Miller comic “Ronin”.

Shooting begins late fall in South Africa and Romania for release late 2008.

Paul W. S. Anderson isn’t the greatest of directors, so I’m happy that he isn’t directing it. I don’t know who Sylvain White is, but I think its safe to say that anything has to be better than Anderson.


PS the icon for this one reminds me that I still have to right up a review of At World’s End.

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