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August 29, 2007 Cos 0

This Saturday, Paw returns with a Battle Royal for the Cos Mel Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Championship! A Battle Royal style match is explained as […]

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Engagement Pictures

August 24, 2007 Cos 2

Here is a link to view some scans of about thirty of our Engagement Pictures. Leave comments!

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Netflix list so far…

August 21, 2007 Cos 0

Update: 1. The Night Listener 2. Babel 3. Disturbia 4. Accepted 5. Vacancy 6. Apocalypco 7. The Holiday 8. Dead Silence For Dead Silence, I […]

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Three More to Netflix

August 20, 2007 Cos 5

Add these to the list of Netflix: Vacancy Apocalypco The Holiday All three were great films, the last one was a chick movie that I […]

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August 15, 2007 Cos 0

So, you can add the comedy Accepted to the list of movies that we’ve seen so far off of Netflix and its great! It mixed […]