Not only was October 13th the wedding of Marcos and Melissa but while the humans were away the animals were…FIGHTING!

CMWF World Heavyweight Champion Bae, put her championship on the line in a Fatal Four Way Elimination match against: Peanut Chew, Pierre and Minnie.

The smaller animals all ganged up against Bae, eliminating her first from the match and setting up the fact that with the champion out there will be a new winner crowned.

The ref had no control in this match!

It went back and forth with Minnie and Peanut sparing with the Psycho Bird Pierre and ultimately eliminating him from the match.

Then it was the former seven time World Heavyweight Champion versus the “Miniature Massacre” Minnie Doty (who has never won the World Heavyweight Championship) back and forth.

Minnie had many near falls, but out of no where Peanut hit the “Lucky Rabbit’s Foot” (standing drop kick) for the pin.

Here is you winner and the NEW CMWF World Heavyweight Champion: Peanut Chew

This is the bunny’s 8th World Championship reign.

After the match, the dwarf rabbit had this to say:

“I’m so happy that my parents got married today, I dedicate this win to them, not only am I not a bastard anymore, but I’m bringing this back home! I love you Mommy and Daddy!”

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