Don LaFontaine RIP

I probably would never have known this guys name if it weren’t for the Geico commercial (that I posted below) but I know his voice, and its probably because its been everywhere!


Master Voice-Over Actor LaFontaine Dead At 68
2 September 2008 10:38 AM, PDT

Don LaFontaine, whose voice was heard on thousands of TV commercials and a significant percentage of all movie trailers — an estimated 5,000 — died Monday in Los Angeles at age 68. The cause of death was not disclosed. At one time or another he was also the voice of all the major broadcast networks as well as TNT, TBS and the Cartoon Network. His website observed that by “conservative estimates, he has voiced hundreds of thousands of television and radio spots.” Entertainment Tonight said on its own website that “based on contracts signed, he may have been the single busiest actor in the history of SAG (the Screen Actors Guild).”

Don LaFontaine: The Voice

I feel that with the loss of Don LaFontaine we’ll probably notice the voice that’s been everywhere not there. Just watch the above video and you’ll know that he’s done the voice over work for everything. Literally.

RIP Don LaFontaine.


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