Chuck Palahniuk’s next film adapations

Chuck Palahniuk is the writer who brought us “Fight Club”. I’ve wanted to read his books since right around 9/11 when the adaptation for his “Survivor” was canned. I would always go into Barnes and Noble and consider purchasing one, but never fully committing to it.

Then not too long ago, Lauren (Melissa’s cousin) let me borrow “Haunted” by Chuck P. (as we so lovingly refer to him) I didn’t read it (I was busy) but Melissa read it and loved it and she’s read three other books by him (Survivor being one of them and Choke–which is coming out as a movie soon). I’ve started reading Survivor, but A.D.D. kicks in and I turn on the TV (I don’t really have A.D.D. but I call it that as many of us do from time to time).

Anyway, here is an update on film versions of Chuck’s books that will be coming out soon.


Updates On Palahniuk Adaptations
By Garth Franklin
Monday, September 1st 2008 12:38am

The film version of “Fight Club” and “Choke” author Chuck Palahniuk’s “Lullaby” is already at casting stage with financing in place says the author.

According to Film School Rejects, they’re apparently waiting for a production start date to make a casting announcement with an edgy Swedish film director to helm the project.

The news comes just days after his official site confirmed that his last book “Rant” has been optioned. Aside from “Lullaby” though, the next big adaptation will be “Survivor” with Francis Lawrence (“I Am Legend”) still attached.

Honestly, I have a lot of reading to do. I’m want to dive into Chuck P. books and just let the twisted-ness take ahold…


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