Johnny Depp to play The Riddler?

Like the Catwoman casting rumor, this one probably won’t happen, but would be utterly amazing! I think in order to get something even remotely close to what they have going for them with The Dark Knight, they need to pump the next one full of stars (sadly), that’s also if (director) Chris Nolen is going to continue doing it.


Johnny Depp Talks Riddler Rumors
By Garth Franklin
Monday, September 1st 2008 12:29am

Johnny Depp has heard the false rumors about him playing The Riddler in a third Chris Nolan-directed “Batman”film, and seems open to the idea.

He tells a radio show that “It seems like it’d be a fun gig for a while, yeah” but as for already being cast? “Not that I know of.”

Meanwhile “The Dark Knight” just passed $500 million at the US box-office, breaking the record after just 45 days of release. The previous and only other film to break that barrier, “Titanic,” took 90 days to reach that mark.

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