Hugh Laurie to get $400,000 for House

Good for House! And its going to be going on for a while too!


Laurie To Get $400,000 Per House Episode?

12 September 2008 5:10 AM, PDT

House star Hugh Laurie is set to rake in a massive $400,000 (GBP216,200) per episode of the series, making him one of the highest paid TV actors, according to reports.

The British actor’s salary is set to increase to more than $9 million (GBP4.9 million) a year under a new deal with producer Universal Media Studios, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Laurie will also get a producing credit on the medical drama, which is returning for a fifth series later this month.

The deal also reportedly adds another year to Laurie’s contract, meaning he will continue in the hospital drama until 2012.

The hit U.S. show averaged 16.7 million viewers per episode on its last season, coming second in the ratings to Desperate Housewives.

One thought on “Hugh Laurie to get $400,000 for House

  1. Oh man, I’m so far behind in this, it’s not even funny.

    Good to see he’s getting paid well, though, the guy does an excellent job!

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