Pam Anderson slams Sarah Palin

Not to turn the blog into a political mess (I almost posted a very strong entry a week or so ago about the Republican convention and how annoying it was) but after yesterday’s Matt Damon post, I figured this one was another funny add on.


Anderson Slams Potential U.S. Vice President Palin

12 September 2008 9:03 AM, PDT

Latest: Pamela Anderson has become the latest celebrity to criticise U.S. Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Actor Matt Damon voiced his views on Senator John McCain’s choice of running mate earlier this week – insisting the Alaska

governor was chosen for “political purposes”.

And now the former Baywatch star – who has publicly endorsed Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama – has joined in the attack on Palin.

Anderson tells E! News Canada, “I can’t stand her. She can suck it!”

Hey!! She’s taking a line from Triple H and Shawn Michael’s wrestling stable Degeneration X (better known as DX) with the “Suck it!” statement. Good for her!


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