Cassie Mae

I sent this to my parent’s this morning as an e-mail and I thought it was perfect for the blog to explain what is going to happen next week, read and enjoy:

Last night we went to go see some Golden Retriever puppies that we saw a sign for from a local older couple and fell in love with a little female light furred Golden, she was the runt of the litter and is smaller than the rest of her group and because of her size they had named her Peanut. When we saw the phone number, it was 973-607-1600, our old phone number at the apartment was 973-607-1587 (their’s is 13 more then ours was). Including the two parent dogs, there were eleven puppies, three girls and eight boys, which is 13. So, we’ve decided to get her. They’ll be able to be picked up next Friday (the 26th) I do have a pic of her, but its not that good because its off the cell phone and its not that great of a pic anyway, but its attached. We discussed Peanut Chew, and he’s going to be fine. Its a different animal, and they’ll be introduced a different way, with Peanut already on his home turf before the puppy comes in so that its still his territory. And they’ll both just have to co-exist and be happy. Also, the puppy’s name will be Cassie May.

We get her next week. I misspelled her name this morning, I’m such a bad father…what’s wrong with me. We’re both very excited and looking forward to a new fresh beginning with an animal that we choose and have total control over from the start.


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