One Year Anniversary!

I can’t believe that its been a year since Melissa and I have gotten married. We’ve been celebrating all weekend but today is the actual one year to the date anniversary. Oh man! I’m excited. Not that I didn’t think we’d get this far, we’ve been together for over seven years now, but its huge! I mean, there are people who’s marriages don’t go past a few weeks and we have so much to show for this whole year.

It’s been a pretty damn good year too. I mean, would I go back to the excitement of that day one year ago (or the whole weekend in general?) hell yeah! By far one of the most exciting times of my life. But what we have today we didn’t even have in the back of our minds a year ago. I think it was there, lying in the background of things that we wanted to have, house, dog…but I don’t know if we knew how attainable it would be. And now we’re here (“living the American dream…” wait, I don’t know if that’s really what that’s supposed to mean, but sounds cool!) all that’s missing is a picket fence and kids!

I’ve decided to post one pic per month between our marriage and today to show the progression of this monumental 1st year! Enjoy!


St. “Mama” Lucia! Can we say Big Bamboo?


11-6-07. Peanut Chew’s 2nd birthday. Ohh, #3 is coming up really fast!


12-8-07. Mickey Doty enters the family history books as one of the only (truly) challenged dogs to ever run on all four legs.

The month we found our house…

26 is the new…3?

Melissa’s birthday Month.

2-4-08. A Peanut Chew yawn is caught for the first time on camera.

Melissa’s birthday party month?
(This month gets two pics)

3-1-08 Celebrating Melissa’s b-day at Medieval Times!

3-29-08 Gage becomes Lauren and Josh’s second.

Not much happened in April aside from our seven year anniversary and getting things together to close on our house.

So, here’s a pic of the living room in the apartment.




Wildwood with Bruce and Lou

Another month to get more then one pic.

Puerto Rico

Melissa, the rentos, my grandmother and myself in Puerto Rico

Rocket Dog Jones Cosme (now known simply as Rocky) came and went in the month of July. Now he looks like a little Gremlin–that’s only my opinion, lol–and he’s still within the family.


Mexico 2008


9-25-08. Cassie Mae comes home.


10-12-08. We are family…

There it is. Year in review. A lot of great memories and moments, most that will live a life time. Here’s to another great year and its all thanks to this one day.

One year!! WHOO!!!! Love you Melissa!


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