Pumpkins: Final Update

October 30, 2009 Cos 0

Here are the two pumpkins that grew in our yard this past summer. We finally got a chance to carve them into Jack O’ Lanterns, […]

Cassie running

October 26, 2009 Cos 0

I grabbed this pic as Cassie was running down the hill towards me, I zoomed in a bit and this is what I got:

Sunday Morning Sunshine

October 26, 2009 Cos 0

I took this pic early Sunday morning. I just thought the sun looked amazing and figured it would look beautiful as a picture, I didn’t […]

Fun with Cell Phone Pic Options

October 26, 2009 Cos 0

I’ve been playing with some of the options on my cell phone, there are the traditional color changing options (black and white, sephia, aqua (which really […]

2 Year Anniversary!!!

October 13, 2009 Cos 0

Two years! I can’t believe it. We watched our wedding video and were going down memory lane, so awesome. I wish we were back there […]