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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, well actually not that far away; there was a movie that changed movies forever; it was called “Star Wars.”  Wow I bet you didn’t see that one coming.  Well actually this movie review is not about Star Wars, but about a different movie one that is about a road trip, friendship and Star Wars.  This movie is a great independent comedy entitled, “Fanboys.”

“Fanboys” takes place during the year 1998.  Remember 1998, Chumbawamba was on the radio, N64’s Mario Kart was the video game to play, Bill Clinton was still in office with Monica and four friends were about to embark on a very crazy adventure.  The adventure is very simple, drive from Ohio to Skywalker Ranch and steal an early copy of Episode I before it hits theaters.  Sounds easy in theory, right?  Well, not if you are these guys, who constantly get in trouble with the law, a broken down car and of course “the enemy”… that’s right they come face to face with “Trekkies” (or “Trekkers” which ever you prefer to call them, either way let’s just call them “the enemy” and let them be).

The four friends consist of Sam Huntington (Eric), Chris Marquette (Linus), Dan Fogler (Hutch), and Jay Baruchel (Windows).  What I really liked while watching the film was how each character was really thought out and well rounded.  They each had a problem in the beginning of the film and by the end we’re about to make a good change by the end.  But while watching the film, you can see it was really more about Eric and Linus’s relationship as best friends.  However I personally loved Hutch.  Now it wasn’t the fact that he was really into Han Solo and thinks he’s a god, but it was his crazy way of thinking and actions that make him, I think, the best of the four.

We’ve all seen the Star Wars references/jokes in other films like “Hot Shots Part Deux,” “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” and the list continues on.  Seriously the list really does go on.  But, this film is not a parody.  Ok, so they do the trash compactor scene from “A New Hope,” but it’s a film about Star Wars it’s kinda hard not to do a scene reference.    But anyways, what I really liked was that the film wasn’t a parody of Star Wars, but an adventure with Star Wars being it’s subject.

What I also liked about watching the film was who else was in the film besides these actors.  It really kept me watching the film and now you have Star Wars and comedy, hmmm, who else should be in this move along with these four brave Jedi wannabe souls.  So how about a huge array of comedy/Star Wars fans like Kevin Smith has a cameo along with Jason Mewes.  Ethan Suplee who plays Harry Knowles the creator of “Ain’t It Cool News.”  And how about Seth Rogen, now there’s comedy plus Star Wars, who plays no one but two characters, one who’s a huge trekker and another who’s a big Star Wars fan.  Ok even I thought that was too much but it was funny to watch the two characters get into a fight.  That was a good moment.  I always have fights with myself and win/lose.

Along with these few extra characters you can also find even more.  Kristen Bell, Christopher McDonald, Danny Trejo, Craig Robinson and too much more to even say.  But I will say this when you watch this film, do keep your eyes and ears open for the Star Wars Alumni too.  Yeah, they got a few of the stars of the wars too.  I’m not telling you who, but do watch for them.  But personally one star that I really couldn’t believe worked on the film as a producer and isn’t in it is Kevin Spacey, Lex Luthor himself.  Now we all know what he did with the money from Superman Returns.  But seriously, I was shocked to see his name under as producer.

The two things I kept thinking about while watching the film was one thank goodness they really went all out with this film, between the celebrities, cameos and making fight between “the enemy” and the fan boys feel real.  Number two,  thank goodness this film takes place before episode one came out.  If this film was about after episode three, then the film would probably be a bash on how the prequels killed it’s self and the mysteries behind the original trilogy.  Now I’m not going to get into new verse original trilogy.  That’s for another time, place, galaxy, whatever I’m not getting into it.

So,  if you wish you were a Jedi, Han Solo or watch your girlfriend to dress up like Leia in the slave outfit, then you are a fanboy.  And you need to add this cult comedy to your Star Wars collection right now.  It’s on DVD, get it and put it next to the original trilogy.  If you don’t have room on your self just get rid of the prequel trilogy and replace it with this one instead.  Overall it’s a good 7.  So get your lightsaber (whatever color), your lucky R2-D2 and jump to hyperspace with “Fanboys”!

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