Die Hard 5 gets a director?


Posted on my facebook on Friday, by my friend Andre, apparently the director for the next Die Hard movie has been hired and the decision kind of bothers me.


Check it out from ComingSoon.net:

Die Hard 5 Gets Director Noam Murro

Source: Deadline
February 12, 2011
Deadline reported earlier this evening that Bruce Willis’ fifth outing as Detective John McClane in Die Hard 5 has scored itself a director in Noam Murro, who is best known outside of the ad agencies for his debut feature Smart People. There have been rumors circulating over the last few months about 20th Century Fox wanting another installment with Skip Woods working on a script, which has been confirmed by the new addition.

Although Murro has only directed one film, he has been nominated five times by the GA for his commercials work.

Bruce Willis has yet to have signed a deal for a fifth movie but he’s shown a lot of enthusiasm for returning to his best-loved franchise.

The previous installment Live Free or Die Hard was released in the summer of 2007 and it grossed $383.5 million worldwide. No word yet on who else if anyone might return from that movie.

You can read a previous interview ComingSoon.net did with Murro here.

Read more: Die Hard 5 Gets Director Noam Murro – ComingSoon.net http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=74094#ixzz1DrBH4geM

Only Deadline is actually reporting this, everyone else is simply going off of what they said so I guess it isn’t a 100% confirmed until we see something from 20th Century Fox, but I have to say I am pretty underwhelmed by the news. I’m almost certain that this is just a hot rumor and nothing has been solidified yet. I mean, Bruce Willis hasn’t even signed up for it yet. I would prefer if someone who has some action genre experience be attached to this. I mean, how difficult is it to find someone who has an eye for good action? I mean, someone like Justin Lin can’t be that tied down to the Fast & Furious franchise that they can’t snag him for this. And I’m just throwing that one out there because of how awesome his Community paint ball episode was (and how clearly it was a giant homage to action movies, right down to the ending with the dean which was a throw back to Die Hard). I mean, that’s just one guy off the top of my head.

I just don’t want Die Hard 5 to suck, so come on, pay a little money and get this one done right. Let’s make it the best of all the Die Hard movies…a man can dream right?

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