Is this “Thundercats” CG Test Footage?


A couple days ago I posted about a new cartoon series for The Thundercats (that can be found New Thundercats?) but I rememeber a while back, and I even mentioned it in the New Thundercats posting in the link above that they weren’t going with a theatrical outing and were opting instead to go with a cartoon series.

Dark Horizons has posted what seems to be either test footage or some extremly well made fan movie, check it out and give us your thoughts:

CG “Thundercats” Test Footage?

By Garth Franklin Saturday February 12th 2011 09:53PM

CG "Thundercats" Test Footage?

Back in 2007 it was reported that Warner Bros. Pictures were working on a CG-animated “Thundercats” movie, a project that never really took off and has seemingly been forgotten. The franchise instead has moved on with a new anime-inspired, traditionally animated series on the way later this year.

Today however, Flixist has discovered what they claim to be test footage of that CG film reboot which “Gears of War” art director Jerry O’Flaherty was to helm. The footage is frankly very cheesy, without the proper context as to what it is (or if it’s authentic), it’s hard to judge.

If fan made, someone has definitely spent some time on it – and they’ve used the character design seen in some leaked concept art back in 2009. Judge for yourself below:

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