Dreamcast Collection trailer?


If there was a video game system (or was it a console?) that I wish I had when it was out, that would be the Sega Dreamcast. The last video game system/console from Sega was one of the best out there. I mean, some might question the graphics in the trailer below, but at the time, this was amazing! I’m sure in ten years people will question the graphics off of the XBox 360 and the PS3. Anyway, this would be a good buy if they had more then just four games, two of which are OK…they should have added Sega Tennis to this as well. But with Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure, this would be a decent buy! The trailer seems to just be thrown together, but the collection also just seems to be thrown together. Why would I want to play Sega Bass Fishing? Anyway, what are your thoughts? :

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