Heaven Just Got Elbow Dropped


Heaven Just Got Elbow Dropped

By: Smark Central



As wrestling fans we have become accustomed to figures from wrestling’s past and present die off.   Yes, we all know how rampant drug use has killed off our favorites and some of the not so favorites (Test, anyone?), but Randy Macho Man Savage was no mere wrestler, no mere entertainer.  He was a legend.  A legend easily on par with the biggest names in history such as Hogan, Flair, Hart, Rock and Austin.  He may not have been the biggest draw, name, or even person, but he certainly had the biggest personality and maybe the biggest heart.  A heart that gave out on him early Friday morning while driving on a Florida highway causing him to lose control of the car and crash.  However, these should not be the last memories of a man who meant so much to so many people.

There is certainly something to be said about a performer who never let the fans down.  Everyone has an off night and there are those who could care less about giving the fans their best night in and night out, but that wasn’t what Randy was about.  He was seemingly always on the top of his game whether he was a face, a heel, at the bottom of the card or at the top.  There was no greater testament to this than when he and Ricky Steamboat arguably stole the show at WrestleMania III from the Hogan/Andre main event.  This as we know was barely the beginning for a man who would steal many more shows (including several WrestleManias) as well as the hearts of fans worldwide.  This was never more evident than when he won the vacant WWF title a year later at WrestleMania IV winning a 16 man tournament lastly defeating Ted Dibiase.

WrestleMania IV became the launching pad for a career that would span nearly 30 years and included 6 World titles, an Intercontinental title, King of the Ring, and numerous other awards and accolades.  Honestly, I could go on and on about what Randy accomplished as a performer, but my words could not do it justice.          From a personal standpoint, I loved Randy Savage.  I loved watching him, I loved imitating him, and I loved sharing him with family.  I always compared Randy to my Uncle Lawrence who looked like him and ended up marrying a woman named Elizabeth.  Although it was simply a coincidence, it brought my Uncle and I closer together.  I have also recently began to share his legendary character and ability with my five your old daughter who has fallen in love with this amazing performer.  She can’t help it.  Just like the rest of us were drawn in as children to a man who was so special, so unbelievably charismatic, and so captivating.

I still cannot believe he is gone.  I still tear up when I think of how we’ll never see that one last great promo, the inevitable classic Hall of Fame speech, and perhaps that one final goodbye match against Vince McMahon.  On the other hand, Randy owes us nothing.  He gave us everything and more.  So many classic moments and matches that will never be forgotten no matter how hard Vince tries to bury them.               Randy will live on in our memories one way or another.  Whether as a wrestler, a Slim Jim spokesman, or  Spiderman’s nemesis Bonesaw McGraw, he will always be there.  The only thing left to say is thank you.  Thank you Randy for being the Macho Man.  For being the dedicated performer you were and for giving us a way to connect to those we love.  Thank you.


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