‘Fringe’ renewed for Fifth and Final season!


Source: E! Online

I am quite excited about this news, ‘Fringe’ has been one of my favorite shows on TV. I was highly concerned that with both ‘House’ being canceled and simply not keeping up with ‘Bones’ (we’ll catch up when this current season comes out on DVD) that we wouldn’t have anything to watch on Fox.

I am also glad that Fox has decided to allow ‘Fringe’ to end with a 13-episode pick up for their fifth and final season. This not only allows them to get to the magic 100 episode syndication amount (meaning repeats could be picked up by SyFy or USA Network and play out from now until the end of time because 100 episodes is all a series needs in order for them to start playing in syndication–didn’t know that huh? I did, but, hey it’s me!) but it also allows them to finish the series without a cliffhanger and let things just end nicely and neatly.

I’m happy that unlike shows like one of my previous favorite, ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’, ‘Fringe’ will actually be able to have a true conclusion. Thank you Fox!

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