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After a few years of laying on a shelf, I finally blew off some of the dust and decided it was time to get off of where I was sitting and do something about the logo for CosMel Entertainment. To be honest, aside from this blog you are currently reading on, not much has come out of CosMel, been busy with a lot of stuff. But I never gave up on the name.

I do have another design that I lovingly refer to as the “Rabbit Warrior” logo, but I haven’t decided what name it will go under and I like the direction that I am going with for CosMel.

CosMel in fact wasn’t always supposed to simply be a movie company name but more along the lines of a conglomerate type of concept that would not only house films, but music, publishing and more! Hence the “Entertainment” name. So, the “Rabbit Warrior” logo will probably show up somewhere else eventually. I still love it and it is of my own design, but again, I feel the need to pounce on what I have done here.

So, without further ado, I would like to unveil the CosMel Entertainment 2012 Logo:

Utilizing my rabbit Peanut Chew (in fact, the picture I used is my user icon for this very blog) I have created this logo. I hope to do some form of animation to it in the coming months and move forward with more productions in the near future.

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