Lita from Raw 1,000


Back when the WWE was better than it is now we had a lot of different characters and quality wrestlers with stronger storylines that made sense and didn’t require John Cena to be in the main event of every episode and Pay-Per-View.

Raw hit 1,000 episodes back on July 23rd and I didn’t get a chance to comment on it.

I just watched the July 30th episode (I’m pretty busy during the week so it isn’t uncommon for me not to be able to watch a show for a good couple of days or at all–but I do get my results from not only wrestling sites but also from Podcasts such as RBR Weekly Wrestling Talk).

Some of the highlights from the show were the DX reunion that opened up the show

which made me long for the days of the Attitude Era.

To CM Punk’s heel turn

which made me long for the days after his now infamous “Pipe Bomb” from last summer and the promising beginning to what COULD have been an amazing championship run.

But for me, the best highlight was Lita returning to beat Heath Slater. Sad I know, but back in the day Lita was one of the main reasons to watch Raw.

And I have to say after watching Raw episode 1,001, I wish she stayed around for this episode and honestly for all the episodes going forward.

The always amazing Lita had one of the best segments from Raw 1,000. Not only does she still look great but she completely showed up all the current WWE Divas.

I’m just saying…

If you missed this segment from two weeks ago, here it is:

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