Stunods: Episode One

Stunods: Episode One

Source: Stunods Web Series

So you know how sometimes you work and you are like well that was nothing special.  Well, last year I got to work on something that I knew was going to be really special.  A web series called “Stunods.”  Stunods is the sorry of two idiots who think and want to be in mafia and their adventure they have when the real mafia call them for a job.

I was called in to be the Assistant Director by my friend and the director of the project, Jim Cocoliato.  It was a fun 14 days of shooting.  The best was the stunt work with the car.  As well as the few days we shot in the Poconos.  And of course getting to work legendary actor Vinny Vella.

Please go to the link and take a look at Stunods.

Here is the first episode:

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