And the Pumpkins are still standing…


And the Pumpkins are still standing…

Yes, that is a play on the “and the flowers are still standing!” line from Ghostbusters.

Two weeks ago Melissa and I held our First Annual Jack Off Party, a jack-o-lantern carving Halloween party; and as part of the decorations we put out a bunch of small pumpkins on the steps to our house:

We never moved them, I think if anything the candles you see in them were moved into the house later this very night to use inside of all of the jack-o-lanterns that we were using.

Regardless, we never moved these pumpkins from where ever they were at the end of this evening. Even with Hurricane Sandy coming, they just stayed there.

We lost a tree and a piece of siding to our house and let me tell you, these little pumpkins never moved from their spots:

I couldn’t believe that they were still there on the steps. I wouldn’t have been surprised if I never saw them again!

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