Mother Brain

‘The Dinner’ Production Diary

As I write this piece, I am currently in the editing phase of my latest short film, THE DINNER, a co-director collaboration between myself and my former Emerson College classmate, Anna Snead. This is the third project I produced this year following my ambitious Florida shoot for CIVIL WRATH: THE CONFEDERATE and my long-delayed short comedy TEMPTED. As one can imagine, each project can be draining to do, especially when the short gaps between productions are tight. Despite the exhausting process, I always try to remind myself that this job is all I have ever dreamed of doing. [...]

The Mother Brain Files Underrated Actors Special: Louis Gossett, Jr.

Long before Samuel L. Jackson held the distinction of being the hardest working black actor in movies, Louis Gossett, Jr. was considered to be just that when he profile was far bigger than Jackson’s. His Emmy win for the groundbreaking Roots miniseries in 1977 and his Oscar win for An Officer and a Gentleman in 1982 made him one of the most in-demand black actors outside of Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor in the 80s. While many of his post-Oscar choices ranged from classics to low-rent home video flicks, Gossett always sought the most strongest portrayals of black men not only in film but also on the stage. His presence in any movie elevated the cast around him and would always be a welcome addition to any film now matter how good or bad. [...]