Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes dating?

Now I’m not one for these gossipy rumors. In fact I hate gossipy rumors, but this one struck an odd cord. I mean the other day I saw that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were dating. That wasn’t that weird, they were both in a movie together. But these two, as far as I can recall have never been in a movie together. And it kind of rubs me the wrong way.

Tom Cruise seems to surround himself with beautiful women. Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz (I really don’t like her all that much, I think she is fucking annoying personally, but enough people think she’s pretty to warrent her apart of the group–so I forgive Tom for a momentary lapse of insanity–besides I don’t like spanish women all that much), and now Katie Holmes. Not bad, not bad at all.

Here is the article from

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Dating

“The Insider” has confirmed that megastar TOM CRUISE and “Dawson’s Creek” cutie KATIE HOLMES are dating. The couple were spotted holding hands and dining out Wednesday in Rome, where Tom is accepting a David di Donatello Award for lifetime achievement, the Italian equivalent of an Oscar.

“They have been dating for a couple of weeks,” a source close to the couple tells “The Insider.”

Cruise, 42, broke up with actress PENÉLOPE CRUZ in January 2004 and was recently seen leaving a party for ‘Collateral’ pal JAMIE FOXX with Latin bombshell SOFIA VERGARA.

Holmes, 26, separated from ‘American Pie’ actor CHRIS KLEIN in February after their engagement was called off. In recent weeks, she was spotted getting cozy with actor JOSH HARTNETT. Neither of those pairings had been legitimized by the new couple’s reps.

This surprising new coupling was verified by the superstar’s publicist. Both actors have blockbuster movies coming out this summer. Katie stars in ‘Batman Begins,’ opposite CHRISTIAN BALE, while Tom headlines director STEVEN SPIELBERG’s ‘War of the Worlds’ update.

Aside from the fact that he is 42 years old and she is only 26, I don’t mind this. In fact I think it is a 100% upgrade from Penelope Cruz. And honestly, about things like this, I really don’t care. I mean, good for them, hope it works out, but if it doesn’t, its not a big deal. These types of relationships never last that long.

I am however excited about both of their movies. Batman Begins more now than I was about a week ago. I mean, I was excited about it, then I saw some of the TV commercials and I got scared. But then I saw the new full trailer and it blew me away. Now I must see it. And I hope it kicks ass.

As for War of the Worlds, I’m happy Steven Speilberg was able to direct it, because in my mind anyone else would have fucked it up. I haven’t seen it yet, but I can only imagine what someone else would have done with it, like a Stephen Sommers or Paul Thomas Anderson (who did Alien vs Predator, Soldier, etc) would have done to this thing.

I definately think this is going to be an amazing summer for movies…now lets just hope I have enough money to go see them right?


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  1. Hmm, not sure how I feel about this one.

    Isn’t Katie Holmes like 16? Haha.

    I thought Brad Pitt was married. Does this mean Jennifer Aniston is available?!?!

  2. Brad Pitt is available…but I believe he is going out with Angelina Jolie. Which I can honestly see as a couple.

  3. Jennifer Aniston, upon a second look on line isn’t going out with anyone yet. She’s probably more upset about the break up. I will keep looking. Maybe she’s going out with Billy Bob Thorton

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