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Craig’s birthday

August 24, 2005 Cos 2

Yeah, so, tonight Melissa and I went to Charlie Brown’s in Millburn for Craig’s (also known as Speedemon on myspace) 24th birthday, which is actually […]

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August 23, 2005 Cos 8

Today Mathew turns twenty years old. Yes that’s right, Mathew my cat is now twenty years old. He’s an old man that’s been around for […]

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Nun gone wild?

August 23, 2005 Cos 6

I found this article on today while I was in the back at work (with a computer right next to me–too bad Myspace decided […]

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Gif(s) of the Day #2

August 22, 2005 Cos 0

Things have been kind of slow, yes, I know this. I just haven’t really found too much stuff to post that was worth posting. I […]

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My Summer Obsession…

August 21, 2005 Cos 14

So yeah, my summer obsession, for some strange reason is….Kelly Clarkson. I don’t know why. I think she’s hot, has a nice voice and her […]

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This one is for Craig

August 18, 2005 Cos 0

I’ve found all of these on line at one point or another and this post is for that crazy man Craig from Warnock Chevy.

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Quote of the Day #3

August 16, 2005 Cos 0

This one I saw on on the side and I just thought is was funny as shit: