The kitten Melissa and I almost got

Yeah, so, for about a few months now Melissa and I were on and off about getting a kitten. It really escalated when I was in my summer class and I was late for at least two nights a week and she was alone in the apartment. So we talked about it. She I think was more serious at one point than I was, I was worried about vacation, then we both became worried about vacation and we dropped it thinking that once we can back from Mexico we would get a cat.

So, we get back and we start talking about getting a cat and Melissa finds a cat on line from a place called K.I.S.S. near by and its a really cute little gray cat. But we have to wait a week to see it. So last weekend we deicded to stop by the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter in East Hanover off of Rt. 10. And it was there that I found a kitten that I thought could continue Mathew’s legacy.

This little guy’s fur was a similar length to the legend (and if you don’t know who mathew is, you shouldn’t be on my blog bitch!) the tail was pretty much the same. The fur was black with white areas. He had little white boots. And was really cool. He was very laid back. Another cat came up to him to smell him and instead of hissing and hitting the other cat, the kitten we were going to get (Mimic was his name) curled up and was ready to play.

Mimic was his birth name, he was born at the Animal Shelter. We would have called him Mimic Mathew (his “uncle’s” name) Mayhem (after one of my on-line alter-egos) Doty-Cosme (till of course we get married…)Mimic Mathew Mayhem Doty-Cosme. He would have been the other Triple M after me Markie Mercucio Mayhem. (There is no Marcos, only Mayhem….oh whatever it was stupid when I had it in my AIM profile)….

Anyway, here are some pics that I took with my phone, hope they come out ok:

Right before we were going to leave, Mimic ran and sat by the door and this was when I got these two pics:

We decided not to get Mimic, I know we would have made him happy, just like Mathew, but it probably just isn’t the right time for us to get a cat. We’ll most likely get one when we move out of here and into a bigger place. Till then my only hope and wish and prayer is that whoever gets Mimic, I hope that they give him a great home and all the love that they can give him.

Bye buddy.


4 thoughts on “The kitten Melissa and I almost got

  1. flammable says:

    Aww…he sat by the door to make sure you wouldn’t leave without him.

    Cute little guy…I hope he finds a great home.

    Mathew’s legacy will be a tough one to follow, you’re right there. You think you can fit that long name on the collar tag?! hehe

  2. socramforever says:

    If we got him he would have been Triple M so I think that would have fit on there. You know like Triple H (which the name actually stands for Hunter Hearst Helmsley, so it makes some sense)

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