Message from Mexico

so we’re here and its great, six fucking star hotel baby. its great. the food is probably the best we’ve had in mexico ever. i’m being quick because i only have two minutes left, we get fifteen minutes free a day.

just wanted to let everyone know i was ok.

talk to you all soon.


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  1. awesome! glad to hear you’re having fun. 😀

    falling behind a little, you know how things get…talk to ya soon.


  2. hey, say thanks to your father again for making the phone call to my parents, it helped out a lot.

    i’ve been trying to get you a little mexican girl, but all i’ve been finding are little mexican boys, is that ok haha jk

  3. yeah, i’m here and i’m cool. i was going to update today, but i got stuck at the computer that doesn’t have all the buttons in the keyboard. its the only one, all the rest are pretty good and fast too, this one just happens not to have all the important buttons and i didn’t want to have a stupid looking update.

    i’ll try and update tomorrow.

  4. Heh, what happened to all of the keys? Do you have to choose your words more carefully, or are there stubs to press?

  5. lol, actually, the one that I was on the other day just didn’t have a shift or a comma or a question mark, so I didn’t feel like making a half assed update.

    But as you can see, this one looks a little better.

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