Favorite Commercial

Speaking of favorite commercials, here is one of my all time favorite commercials, it is from the mid-90’s and it involves the Energizer Bunny and Darth Vader. The quality isn’t the greatests, but it serves its purpose.


12 thoughts on “Favorite Commercial

  1. did they? man I don’t remember that far back. That was almost ten years ago (it was during the early part of 97)

  2. I don’t really remember much of high school, it comes to me every now and then and I mix up all of the grades now. That makes me feel old.

    I hate this time of the year because all of the stores have back to school stuff and going to college and its weird because I never have to do that again.

  3. they were so awesome, they don’t make them like that anymore. they now have big FIVE STAR binders that zipper shut. keeping everything inside. I must say that this is much more practicle.

    But I did always enjoy those binders that had history, math, english and science info written inside of them.

  4. Yeah, that makes much more sense…the zippers.

    I always liked the cheat sheets, too…not that I needed them for cheating purposes, but they were handy while doing homework.

    I remember most of my Trapper Keepers were pretty cheaply made, the plastic would rip and reveal the cardboard inside after only a few months. By the end of the school year, I’d definitely need a new one.

  5. I think by Christmas break I always needed a new one and I would be the standard binders that they still sell today…

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