Reviews for films and scripts…

I guess this is kind of like a watch out for this and go see this type of thing…

These are only the beginning to each of these reviews and I believe that they explain it all; from

Transformers (script)
“The script to the Michael Bay directed Transformers Movie is a half-aborted monster that bares no likeness at all to the previous incarnations of its namesake, and still has the clothes-hanger sticking out of its mongoloid skull in a vile mockery of the brilliance that it could have (and should have) been…”

Shit…that can’t be good. But I’ve been loosing my Michael Bay appeal. He’s a great action guy, but he might make things way way WAY too big when things could easily be a little scaled back…hope that the movie is better than this review of the script…

Casino Royale
“One word… Fantastic. It honestly lives up to the trailer. And for everyone that doesn’t want spoilers, know this – Whatever qualms you had about the reinvention of the franchise or the film being good as a whole, you will absolutely love this film as I did. I still have quibbles with the flick but as a whole it is a great new direction to the franchise and opens the door to a whole slew of possibilities…”

Awesome! I want to see it now. I’m used to different actors playing different roles. And now that its official and we are stuck with this guy, I might as well enjoy it right?

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  1. Ah well…Transformers was never my thing. I’d be hurt if they screwed up Spidey.

    Skeptical about Bond…still very skeptical. I’m thinking if people revolt, they’ll be forced to get down on their hands and knees and kiss the feet of Pierce Brosnan.

  2. To be honest, I stopped watching the Bond movies…I got bored of ’em.

    But I like Pierce Brosnan as Bond. I think they needed real scripts, instead.

  3. they are pretty cookie cutter, you know what’s going to happen in them, but I think Casino Royale is going to slightly break that mold. But not by much, it’ll just help keep things interesting…

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