Indiana Jones IV is official!

I swear to God that they better not make me post another one saying that the script is still not right!


Indiana Jones 4 Coming May 2008!
Source: The Associated Press, Hunter, Strmchsr
December 29, 2006

George Lucas said Friday that filming of the long-awaited Indiana Jones 4 will begin next year with Harrison Ford set to star again. Lucas said he and Steven Spielberg recently finalized the script for the film.

“It’s going to be fantastic. It’s going to be the best one yet,” the 62-year-old filmmaker said during a break from preparing for his duties as grand marshal of Monday’s Rose Parade.

Exact film locations have not been decided yet, but Lucas said part of the movie will be shot in Los Angeles.

The fourth chapter of the “Indiana Jones” saga, which will hit theaters in May 2008, has been in development for over a decade with several screenwriters taking a crack at the script, but it only recently gained momentum.

Lucas kept mum about the plot, but said that the latest action flick will be a “character piece” that will include “very interesting mysteries.”

“I think it’s going to be really cool,” Lucas said.

At the inaugural Rome Film Festival in October, the 64-year-old Ford said he was excited to team up with Lucas and Spielberg again for the fourth “Indiana Jones” installment. Ford said he was “fit to continue” to play the title role despite his age.

Ford played Indiana Jones in 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1984’s Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and 1989’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Nice! First of all don’t suck! Second, had this as the US title for Indiana Jones IV:

Indiana Jones 4 (2008)
aka “Indiana Jones and the Ravages of Time” – USA (working title)

I’m sure its more of a joke than anything, but this could be one of the Indy IV titles….if not, it sounds much better than the title for Harry Potter seven, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

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  1. Well, you said you’d stop as long as it was just them talking about maybe making the film…so yeah, if you want to post more Indy IV stuff, you wouldn’t be breaking your word.

    I hope Indy IV doesn’t make me cringe like the next Die Hard’s title does.

  2. I’m sure it’ll be very Harry Potteresque, like Indiana Jones and the Order of the Pheniox! Maybe the next Harry Potter should be, Harry Potter and the Temple of Doom. See, they kind of work well with each other. Maybe Indy should be the next professor of the dark arts for Harry.

  3. lol! that would be funny…Harry Potter and the Last Crusade…Indiana Jones and The Prisoner of Azcaban or Indiana Jones and the Chamber of Secrets…Harry Potter and the Radiers of the Lost Ark…it all works for it..

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