Meet our Roomba

Melissa and I bought this amazing little machine on Sunday and let me tell you the floors haven’t look this good in a long time. This thing is great! And its so time consuming.

Follow the link below to see some video of it going around our apartment.

Here is our Roomba:

Peanut reacts to the Roomba:

I wasn’t here when this happened but Peanut apparently stood his ground to the Roomba, it came towards him and he just stared at it as it ran into him bounced off and kept going. I’m so proud of my little son!


PS Dialoge of the Day:

Marcos: What is Peanut Chewing on?
Melissa: The box that his sister came in…

(and if you are too dense not to get it, what is the title of this blog entry?)

PPS I thought I was the only looser that posted this on youtube, but I found links to all these other people’s videos, check them out, here are only a few of the hundreds on there:

Roomba–the new pet


Dog vs Roomba 3

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