Animal Pics of the Day


‘Lucky Lady,’ a seven month-old lamb found wandering around in the Bronx, poses for a portrait while eating in her temporary digs, a cage at Animal Care and Control of New York City, a rescue organization for animals in New York, Wednesday, June 13, 2007. Shelter director Liz Keller said the lamb caught a break. She apparently escaped from a live animal market where she would have been sold for food. Now she is bound for the sanctuary of a farm in upstate New York. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Steve Hatch holds a rare blue lobster that he and his uncle Robert Green caught Sunday, June 10, 2007 in a trap at the mouth of the Thames River in New London, Conn. The two donated the lobster to the Mystic Aquarium and Institute of Exploration where it will be used in one of the aquarium’s classrooms. The blue coloring is the result of a genetic defect and only occurs in one out of every 3 million lobsters, according to Catherine Ellis, the aquarium’s curator of fish and invertebrates. The aquarium also has two other blue lobsters. (AP Photo/The Day, Milton Moore) **

In this photo provided by the Zoological Society of San Diego, five South African bat eared fox kits have emerged from their birthing den at the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park on Friday, June 8, 2007. The kits were born sometime in late April, but have only recently started making a public appearance outside the den. These foxes are native to African savannahs and are rarely seen in zoos. (AP Photo/Zoological Society of San Diego, Ken Bohn )

A baby elephant walks near his mother in Berlin’s Animal Park “Tierpark,” May 2007. Elephants use their feet to “hear” calls from other herds but react most if the calls come from elephants they know, New Scientist reports.(AFP/DDP/Marcus Brandt)

Bathtime! : A Siberian tiger licks one of her babies, at the zoo in Mulhouse, eastern France.(AFP/Frederick Florin)

Baby tamarins : Two Brazilian Tamarin babies, who were born ten days ago, stand next to their father, at the zoo in Mulhouse, eastern France.(AFP/Frederick Florin)

A Sumatran tiger yawns as it wakes up from a siesta at Mexico City’s Chapultepec Zoo in this January 12, 2006 file photo. A lion and a tiger kept as exotic pets on the roof of a Mexican meat processing plant killed a man feeding them Monday, Mexican media said. (Andrew Winning/Reuters)

In this photograph released by Conservation International on Monday, June 4, 2007, a new species of the frog Eleutherodactylus is shown in this 2005 file photo, during an expedition in the remote plateaus of eastern Suriname. Scientists said Monday they have discovered at least 24 new amphibians, including the Atelopus frog with distinctive purple markings, as well as six types of fish, 12 dung beetles and one ant species. (AP Photo/Conservation International/James I. Watling)

Two grizzly bears enjoy a soak in their tub at the San Francisco Zoo on April 1. Grizzlies, once quite numerous in California, have been extinct in the State since the 1920s due to human mistreatment of the bears’ habitats, and have been classified as a threatened species in the United States since 1975. (Photo and caption submitted by Layla Williams)

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