Our new child!

And all its 42 inch glory!

you can clearly see the old TV at the bottom left of the screen, it looks so sad and small sitting there with its head hanging…

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  1. Neat! Is this a digital projection TV, or a flat-panel LCD?

    Like, does it have a lot of weight in the back, or is it one of those you can mount onto the wall like a painting?

  2. it doesn’t have anything behind it, its flat, its a plasma screen, which means that instead of the LCD it has a glass screen covering it in the front. I love it. TV never looked as good as it does now in HD

  3. oh man! I’m loving it. I just need an HD player now or a blue ray…hey! can you do a little bit of research and tell me which one is better so far? The guy at the store said Blue Ray is winning the battle currently.

    Are you working at an Apple Store?

  4. Ooh, well…I’m actually rooting for both to fail. Am eagerly awaiting downloading movies over the internet to be the next standard.

    I wouldn’t buy either right now, I hear a player that will do both HD-DVD and BluRay discs is coming out on Black Friday for 100 bucks.

    Not working at an Apple Store right now, but I’m working on getting more Apple certifications and maybe a job at a school IT department or something! We’ll see. 🙂

  5. wait…you mean that someone is coming up with a player that will allow play from both discs? who is making this remarkable machine are you serious or is this some trick?

  6. Seriously. My brother told me, but I didn’t care enough to remember all of the details. I’ll ask him again.

    I think it was Panasonic, but I’ll double check.

  7. Okay, so I totally got that wrong. A little.

    The HD-DVD player for $99 is here:


    (or was, I think the sale is over now)

    and then dual format player is here:


    It’s not cheap. Sells for $1,050. But, once the price goes down, there will be no need for a format war at all.

    Then again, I still think internet downloading is going to win, whether the movie studios think so or not. Internet connections are getting faster, and computers are shipping with larger hard drives and high definition displays.

  8. I used to love those chunky chocolate chip cookies. I used to get them all the time. Especially my freshmen year of college…then I grew up and got fat and now I’m down about 36 pounds and I’m much happier…

    But, I could go for some cookies too… 😛

  9. That is an option, too. 🙂

    Seriously, one of these formats will win, and the other will be the next BetaMax. I don’t think you want to be stuck with the loser movie player.

    It’s not worth investing any money into this, not yet (if ever).

  10. Whoo, congrats dude!!

    My metabolism is insane, but I don’t look forward to the day when I’ve got to choose what I eat (besides “what is edible?”).

  11. I agree…which is why I’m waiting…but the guy at Best Buy did say that they have a player that ups the regular DVDs to look better than (not too much HD but) the regular players, and its the best thing to one of the other platforms.

  12. Pfft. Don’t buy into that, it’s impossible to squeeze any more quality from the DVD format than any standard player out there.

    It might upscale the image, but that’s like zooming it…

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