Martinez, our Venus Flytrap

On Sunday, Melissa and I bought a Venus Flytrap, be it a buyers impulse or simply just a childhood dream come true. Truth be told, I never actually thought I would get one, not because they were unattainable, more so the fact that they scared me…at least as a child they did. Martinez is a very quiet little guy, he’s small, though the pics will surely show that he’s bigger.

We named him Martinez because we’ve been dying to name something Phil Martinez (he stole my secret) which is kind of like an inside joke from some song. We almost bought a bird and named it Phil Martinez (Martinez being its second first name, kind of like Peanut Chew, Chew is his second first name, not his middle name). In fact, in St. Lucia, the cat that we called Marmaduke was actually named: Phil “Marmaduke” Martinez. We’ll probably attach that name to another creature somewhere down the line.

Anyway, meet Martinez, our Venus Flytrap:

And as you can see, some of them are shut…well that’s because Melissa put her finger in some of them and as proof that they do close they shut. They don’t snap like they do in cartoons or anything like Audrey 2 in Little Shop of Horrors. But it is weird seeing something like that close up so fast.

They took two days to open and they were open today. I don’t know too much about Venus Flytraps but when I learn I’ll post on the blog.


PS And no, Peanut has not met Martinez yet, we’re afraid that his whiskers could trigger the plant to close.

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