Three Alarm Fire at Universal Studios: California


Update: Three-Alarm Fire at Universal City Backlot
Source: KNBC, The Associated Press, Edward Douglas
June 1, 2008

KNBC is reporting that a fire broke out at Universal Studios’ backlot early this morning that brought 200 local firefighters and two helicopters carrying water to the studio’s famous backlot to try to quell the fire before it reached the studios’ film vaults.

The fire broke out at a soundstage where filming was taking place early in the morning–they’re not reporting what was being shot there but we have a few ideas–and quickly spread to the backlot where the famed New York City streetcape caught on fire.

The fire looks to have destroyed the streetscape, a set from Back to the Future, the King Kong exhibit and a video vault containing more than 40,000 videos and reels. The fire has now been contained.

Officials say the iconic courthouse square from Back to the Future, has been destroyed, and the famous clocktower that enabled star Michael J. Fox’s character to time travel has been damaged.

NBC Universal President and Chief Operating Officer Ron Meyer says 40,000 to 50,000 videos and reels were damaged in the video vault, but there are duplicates in a different location.

The MTV Movie Awards are still expected to air live from Universal City tonight.

And here is a live stream of the fire being contained:

This sucks! I hope that they rebuild the clock tower set, it was such an attraction at Universal Studios and has actually been used a bunch of times in many other movies.


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