44-pound cat

I’m posting the majority of these in between things that I’m doing here at work, we’ve been swamped today. Too much in too little of a time. Crazy!

Anyway, Melissa sent me this one, this is one big cat! From Dailyrecord.com:

Animal shelter caring for lost 44-pound cat

Gannett New Jersey
July 29, 2008

BLACKWOOD —You’ve heard of fat cats? You haven’t met Princess Chunk.

Weighing in at 44 pounds, there’s clearly been too much Purina for this pretty kitty.

Officials at the Camden County Animal Shelter in Blackwood say they received “Chunk’ Saturday from Animal Control after the cat was found outdoors, without a collar, in Voorhees.

“They first named her Captain Chunk, until we realized she was a girl,” said Deborah Wright, shelter volunteer and current foster owner of the fat feline. “Now she’s Princess Chunk.”

The current mystery, besides the cat’s astonishing weight, is how she could have escaped from her home.

“She’s built like a quarterback,” said Wright, of Sicklerville. “I mean, how do you lose a 44-pound cat?!”

Shelter officials believe Princess Chunk was a well-fed, domestic cat before she was found.

“She was probably fed table scraps, or may have a thyroid problem,” said Wright.

A healthy cat should weigh between 10 and 12 pounds, said Sachina Lyons-Brown, a Clementon Animal Hospital veterinarian. The feline’s condition could be a mix of genetic predisposition and poor diet, or an underlying condition, like diabetes.

The largest tabby on record weighed in at 46 pounds, 15 ounces. That cat, who lived in Australia, died in the 1980s at about 10 years old. The Guinness Book of World Records no longer has a category for overweight cats, fearing people would try to break the record.

Wright plans to speak with a veterinarian to put Chunk on a diet. For now, Chunk’s diet consists of dry and wet cat food.

Lyons-Brown recommends a healthy diet and exercise for plump kitties.

Cats can be trained to walk on a leash or play with cat toys, said Lyons-Brown, which may be the technique Wright decides to use.

“I’m about to put a leash on her and walk her,” said Wright. “She could pass for a dog!”

“Chunk’ can be claimed by her owner for seven days following her admittance to the shelter. After that, she will be eligible for adoption.

“She’s laid-back and friendly,” said Wright. “We just hope someone loving will adopt her.”

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