Dialog of the Summer

I know that the summer isn’t over yet, but this conversation between Melissa and I was probably my favorite, I was laughing really hard while writing it back and forth with Melissa on July 30th (it seems like so much longer ago though. Lol) via e-mail:

Cos- I’m the only one in the office right now, Heidi is coming in as we speak, she’ll be here within an hour, but there is a convention of office park janitors outside in a closet with a ladder and walkie talkies and I walked out there and they were like pretending to be on their walkies. Maybe they’re taking over the building. Oh my god! Am I man enough to be John McClaine?

Mel- Hahaha probably not…..

Cos- they’re gone…maybe I scared them away with my manliness!

Mel- Probably not….. hehehehe daddy your stupid (in reference to Peanut talking)

Cos- holy crap they’re back and there like twelve of them! They went into the office across the hall and there like six people in that office and its just me…maybe I should go get lunch before its too late!

Mel- You are so weird

Cos- I’ve been trained by movies to be overly paranoid about groups of janitors wearing the same uniform and talking on walkie talkies. They’re all evil!

Mel- SOOOOOO WEIRD…… although I get it. I am afraid everytime my cell phone doesn’t work that there is an alien invasion… or when lightening strikes near a graveyard zombies will take over.

Cos- lol! you know that happened in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. He was burried in some graveyard and the kid that killed him in part IV (yes they had a different guy in V: A New Beginning, it wasn’t even Jason, but Jason gets credited for the kills in that movie) comes back as an adult to make sure that the body can never come back to life and he takes a metal rod and puts it into Jason’s body and then a lightening bolt hits it and brings him back. So it can happen!

Wait, when was the last time you heard of a lightening bolt hitting a graveyard?

Mel- That’s crazy- I didn’t hear about it actually happening I just though of it

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