Quantum of Solace to be short

This one kind of ruffles me up a little bit. I loved the last one, yes it was long, very long, but in my opinion it was the best Bond film in a long time. Don’t keep them short!

from darkhorizons.com:

“Quantum” Is Shortest Bond Yet
By Garth Franklin
Tuesday, September 23rd 2008 2:17pm

One of the few complaints about the recent James Bond entry “Casino Royale” is that it ran a little long, well the upcoming sequel won’t have any such issue.

Cinematical reports that “Quantum of Solace” clocks in at a brisk 106 minutes, making it the shortest film in the 22-strong franchise yet, just ahead of the first film, 1962’s “Dr. No”, which ran for 110 minutes.

In contrast ‘Royale’ was the longest at 132 minutes, most of the others have been only a few minutes short or long of the two-hour mark.

The film departs from the series in another way as well – for the first time the famous catchphrase “Bond…James Bond”. Forster tells The Independent that they did shoot him saying the line but ultimately cut it out. One element that will return though is the gun-barrel opening graphic which was modified for the last film.

No “Bond…James Bond” ? WTF?


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