Mathew Housten Cosme

You know, I knew that Oct. 2nd was the second anniversary of Mathew’s passing and I had wanted to post something about it and I forgot when I got home. I wish I had done it sooner, sad about that. Thing have been busy.

I still miss you old man. Every time I go to my parent’s I still think “cat first” and shut the door right away to make sure he doesn’t leave.

With the introduction of Cassie to the house, I wonder what he would have thought. Actually, with that being said, I wonder what he would have thought about the house in general! He only ever visited the apartment once, and that was funny. He looked the exact same way that he did when he first was in the house in Livingston, curious and waaaay too noisy for his own good.

Below are some pics from that time that he was in the apartment back in 2005.

Looking at the pics from that day (they were taken on 6/18/08) the apartment looked so empty. I don’t know if that translated into the pics I choose for this post, but we didn’t have everything in the apartment. We had just moved in. Peanut Chew wasn’t even a glimmer in our eyes. We hadn’t even gotten engaged yet. I was to start student teaching a few months later.

I recently put up a bunch of pictures of Mathew (along with Peanut on a wall in my office at the house. I miss him today just as much as I did the day he passed. Every now and then I still draw the little cat that I always drew as a child (former Fuzz now he’s simply known as Matty H.) along with Baby Nut. And just the other day I drew a pic of Cassie joining them. But I think it’ll continue to be “Matty H. and The Nut” as the title to it. With Cassie joining them every now and then, like Nermal in Garfield who is the little cat that pops up every now and then. Not really the main character or anything.

Mathew, the greatest cat ever, you are still missed, you are still the man, and I don’t care if anyone laughs, but you’re still the closest thing to a brother I ever had.


PS Not the greatest of drawings, I just did it and it was with a blue pen, in the original I actually had Rocket with them and Matty says the same thing to the two of them and then turns to Rocket and says: “Rocket! You’re still here?”

click to make it bigger

PPS I just threw the drawing into photoshop, decided to keep the original above and add the better version below. Same pic, just inked in on the computer with a neater writing of the thought bubble. Enjoy and click the pic for a better version of it.

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