Cassie Model 203.2

Yesterday, we came home from celebrating our one year anniversary and Cassie was acting strange, not a bad strange, a good strange. She went over to the door and whined to go out to use the bathroom. She’s been doing great with all the tricks Melissa has been teaching her (well, mostly sit and give paw) and then this morning she walked down the stairs all by herself.

With that said, we found this on-line earlier today:

Sources close to Peanut tell me that rumor has it that the reason why Cassie Mae has been acting differently, as if she has become “self-aware”. This because yesterday, between the time that we were at The Melting Pot, Peanut Chew destroyed the Cassie model 203 that Skynet had sent back to destroy him because he is the leader of the animal resistance against the machines in the future. Skynet then sent back another Cassie, this time model 203.2, she is more advanced in her capabilities in masking her Terminator status and is waiting for the proper time to get Peanut.

We’ll keep you posted on what happens next.

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