Been Really Busy…

…oh man! I’ve been so busy with everything recently. Work has been extremly busy (the administration decided on September 30th that the sixth grade would have a play on October 30th, now, that’s a month, not too bad. But we had to come up with a script which was trying and I ended up fixing the script that someone else decided to write themselves, but I’ll tell the whole story to you in person, not here. Finding the cast from the students. And then we had Columbus Day off and we’ve been kicked out of our auditorium a few times and now we’re down to only like five days left (we also have a 1 o’clock dismissal for the kids on Tuesday and no kids on Wednesday–both for workshops) and a whole bunch other things too at school), home has also been pretty busy with a puppy and trying to keep her from being bad.

This past week was Melissa and my One Year Anniversary, which I posted about on Monday. Melissa gave me Rock Band for the PS2 for our anniversary gift and we’ve been playing it. I love it!

Melissa got me the package, which has a guitar, microphone and drums. We play it at least once a day. I’m just waiting on getting a second guitar so that we can start a band.

Right now I’m waiting for Cassie to have to go use the bathroom, she needs to go before I go to bed. Melissa and I (with Cassie) are down in South Jersey at Melissa’s parents, we came down for a Food & Wine thing at the Atlantic City Convetion Center. It was nice. I thought there would be more food. But for it being the first time I was in one of those I liked it. Peanut Chew is with my parents and I heard he’s having the time of his life.

I’m going to try and take Cassie out and whether or not she goes, we’re going to bed.

I have to post some things up on here. I’ve been meaning too. So, hopefully this is the beginning of me starting to post things again.


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