Paul Verhoeven to direct supernatural thriller


I was always a huge fan of Paul Verhoeven, especially his earl works like Robocop, Total Recall (in my top five favorite action movies of all time) and Basic Instinct were all top notch. So, needless to say when his Showgirls, Starship Troopers and Hollowman all stunt up the box office, he made a hasty retreat and went back to his native Netherlands and directed Black Book, a movie I would consider watching if I can ever remember putting it on the netflix queue.

Eternal looks to be a return to the craziness that is Paul Verhoeven. I for one am excited.


Paul Verhoeven to Direct Eternal

Source: Deadline
October 14, 2010
Paul Verhoeven’s next project looks to be Eternal, says a report at Deadline.

Eternal is said to deal with a man who, though he thinks he’s having an affair, learns that the woman he’s been sleeping with is really a ghost and is trying to steal his soul.

The original script was penned by David Loughery (who wrote 2009’s Obsessed) and is set for a rewrite by Richard D’Ovidio (who previously dealt with the supernatural in his 2001 version of Thirteen Ghosts).

Verhoeven’s film work has been divided between his mainstream Hollywood fare and the Dutch language films that launched his career. He returned to the Netherlands for his most recent work, 2006’s Black Book and was rumored to do so again for the upcoming The Hidden Force. The current status of that project is unknown, but Deadline suggests that Eternal would be his next project, aiming for a summer 2011 production.

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