Cassie…then and now


The first picture was taken around November 22nd of 2008, when Cassie was still very much a puppy. The second one was taken a few days ago and there are some very obvious differences. For starters, she is very much not a puppy anymore, she may still be cute, but she is very much a monster right now. Also, by complete accident, we didn’t try to even stage the second picture by where the first one was taken, but we pretty much did and missed an exact shot by a few inches, but you can see that we have a little picture thing by the window. Also, I’ve clearly gained some weight. I’ve known this for some time now and I am planning on working out and going to the gym and cutting back on food. I pretty much want to get into shape for our cruise next year to Europe.

Cassie also isn’t the easiest animal to pick up, weighing about 65 pounds, I needed some help getting her over my shoulders for that last shot. It was a long process getting just the right shot with her on my shoulders. She’s such a beast!

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