Alien prequel and Alien Anthology bluray


Joblo is back with some possible information on the Alien Prequel(s) that Ridley Scott is attempting to get underway over at Fox. Sounds pretty good, I just hope they let him do what he wants.

Also, the Alien Anthology is finally coming to bluray and let’s just say I want it for the Christmas List 2010!


More plot details for Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel surface, a new alien breed?

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by: Jake Dee Oct. 21, 2010

Despite being at creative odds with Fox, Ridley Scott seems intent on forging ahead with his lofty two-part ALIEN prequel. A few days ago we heard Anne Hathaway and James Franco as names the British director may want to headline the film (as was Noomi Rapace and Gemma Arterton). Well, a draft of the script by Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof has oozed its way into the hands of What’s Playing, and a few fascinating details have emerged. Peep it…

According to a since recanted article at London Insider, the new plot for an ALIEN prequel is much more character driven than one might assume. The plot centers on a group of “Growers,” who you may recall as Space Jockeys from the original…who travel from planet to planet with intentions of “terraforming,” in essence enslaving foreign species uses advanced mind-control.

Word is these “Growers” harbor two human slave farmers named Fin and Karik, and force them to propagate via homosexual activity (both farmers are male). It’s also been said that the iconic aliens from the franchise we’ve come to know and love…won’t appear until the second half of the film, when the species fully develops into them (hence a prequel, and thus we’ll be seeing different, rudimentary forms of the alien…which could be cool!)

Other tidbits include Ridley talking to Lance Henriksen to make an appearance, and that the editor describes the film as a hard science fiction part psychological drama. Gemma Arterton was reportedly up for a role called Truks, and that there may be a black, Vasquez-esque crew member named Oliver as well.

All pretty cool findings, no? Now if only Fox will shell out the green Scott says he needs (a quarter billion) to make this f*cker hum…we’ll all be happy!

Spilled Blood: What do you make of the new deets? Do you think Anne Hathaway (above) is the right choice for the lead?

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