Reverse Boston Creme Donut


Leave it to Dunkin Donuts to start coming up with some interesting takes on donuts. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the Boston Creme donuts for quite some time. I used to love them, and then I found the chocolate filled donut, it was filled with chocolate frosting, so good. I never really looked back after that.

Not like I eat donuts all the time, let alone the chocolate filled ones, I mean I like a bunch of different donuts and when I do eat a donut it varies, but recently Dunkin Donuts has come out with some new and/or altered donuts. One of them being a Reverse Boston Creme. At first, the thought of it didn’t do anything for me. I wish I had taken a picture of the donut, but I found this pic on-line to give you a perspective.

The creme that would be on the inside is on top and the chocolate that would be on top is inside! And I guess instead of giving us a literal reverse donut, they’ve made this one a chocolate donut. No complaints there.

Here is a comparison pic that I found of both donuts, traditional Boston Creme and the Reverse Boston Creme:

I really enjoyed it, the chocolate inside was more pudding then frosting as I would have liked it, but it was pretty good and I would recommend it for anyone who has a sweet tooth today and loves, not only Boston Cremes, but donuts in general.

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