TNA Wrestling considering name change?


Word is going around that TNA is interested in renaming the company so not to confuse anyone. I agree, I feel like calling the company TNA has probably held the company back because it doesn’t lend itself to wrestling and forces people to explain what TNA stands for (Total Nonstop Action) which at one point in time it probably was OK, when they were doing a weekly PPV but now that they are trying to compete (trying) with the WWE they need to have a more wrestling based name.

Perhaps the name change will give them a better view of themselves and make them want to be a stronger competition or even give themselves a new image in the eyes of wrestling fans. Something has go to give because I can’t even waste my time with all the shades of gray on that show. Everyone is a face and a heel and the storylines just don’t make any sense.

Anyway, here is the article from Wrestling News Source:

TNA Wrestling Considering a Name Change – Rebranding?

Posted by: Ben Kerin of on Apr 14 2011

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that there has been some internal discussion about changing the name of TNA Wrestling and re-branding the product. The names under consideration are “Impact Pro Wrestling” and “Pro Wrestling Impact”. It is believed that the current name of the product is holding them back whereas a new name would have an emphasis on wrestling which would be the exact opposite of what competition WWE is currently doing.

I for one would like to add Impact Championship Wrestling, or ICW, would be nice. Just throwing that in to the bunch.

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