Universal Pictures 100th Anniversary Logo


Last week, I popped ‘Back to the Future III’ in and I saw the Universal Pictures 75th logo and some of the incarnations over the last 75 years up until that point (which also made me think that it has been about 25 years since I first saw ‘Back to the Future III’ and that made me feel really old). I have to say, I feel as if the 75th anniversary logo will always be my favorite. I have a lot of great memories of seeing it attached to a bunch of (now) classic movies, like ‘Back to the Future III’, ‘Jurassic Park’, and even ‘Waterworld’ where all the continents dissolve into the oceans as the audience is taken into the logo and into water filled world of the movie.

Here is the 75th anniversary logo as I remember it from back in 1990:

I don’t believe this logo lasted long, for whatever reason they decided to change it to the flashy version seeing below, I think in 1997 (I’m almost certain the logo came out with ‘The Lost World’ when it was opened up the 1997 Summer movie season–when the Summer movie season used to be Memorial Day weekend…remember that?). I was never a big fan of it, I liked the early to mid-90’s one better. I longed for a change; but here is the logo that they had until just this past weekend:

This year, Universal Pictures has been celebrating their 100 years of existence (Paramount’s official beginning by the Paramount name was in 1914, but their history does go back to May 8th of 1912 when they were called Famous Players Studios–they lost to Universal by only a few days; Universal started on April 30th) and with that they debuted their new logo this past weekend with the Dr. Seuss CGI animated movie ‘The Lorax’.

See here, it starts out very similar to the one from the 75th anniversary with a review of the previous films:

I for one love the new logo, in my mind it reads epic and grand. It is exactly what I want to see out of this studio.


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